Online shopping newbies? Here are some great tips and issues to keep in mind before making your first order:

1. Legal issues. Always make sure there are no illegal good in your order. Such products can be weapon or weapon shaped products, drugs and drugs related products, plants, etc. If you’re not sure what’s considered illegal in your country, contact the customs authorities and get the full list.

2. Taxes and duty. Always check VAT,duty and all other costs for personal import in your country before placing an order.

3. Look for information on new sites. Whenever you run into unfamiliar site, look it up on Google before you take any action. Other people’s reviews can be very helpful and enlightening.

4. Double check the price. Before placing the order, go over the billing information and make sure you didn’t miss any hidden fees or shipping costs.

5. Return policy. Always check out the store’s return and refund policy, before you place an order. Some stores won’t accept returns from international customers, while others will charge you for the shipping.

6. Product’s warranty. Before you make a major deal online, be sure to check all warranty’s details, such as: how long does the warranty last, What parts and repair problems are covered, who to contact to get service and how do international customers get service.

7. Payment method. Whenever possible, it is better to use PayPal online, rather than a credit card. If you can’t use PayPal, a disposable credit card will be a safe alternative to your own regular credit card.

8. Sizes. If you’re thinking about buying clothes or shoes, you should take the time and measure yourself (bust, shoulders, hips, etc.). Respectable store will always provide size chart based on inches and/or centimeters. This should be the only way to choose your size, since units of measurement are different in each country.

8.Consider delivery time . International Shipping may take time. Items from Chinese stores like Aliexpress can  arrive up to 60 days after order. This should be taken under consideration when you buy seasonal items, birthday or holiday gifts.

10. Cashback. Get money back on your orders with casback sites. Never tried it before? Check out our guide – “Cashback Sites: Everything You Need to Know“.

Got some more useful tips for online shopping? Share your knowledge in the comments!

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