Websites Similar To eBay

Unknowingly, we all are dependent too much on eBay – anything from a safety pin to a high end luxury watch from anywhere on the globe has its answer on eBay.

eBay was one of those first sites that made internet shopping so cool and convenient that we never take a second thought about any other E-commerce site at all. But times are changing, doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller, we all are looking for innovative business models and specializations other than what eBay has been offering them so far. And thankfully, our wish is granted!

There is a huge crowd of websites similar to eBay we can refer to.  Here we have got a well compiled list for you to try out the next time you want to sell or buy something. All these sites have something unique about them and are in one way better than eBay if not completely! Here you go!


Have you ever wondered where you can put up your hand -made jewelry or your masterpiece painting for sale? EBay might be a little too big a marketplace for such artsy items and that’s when you should try out Etsy.

Etsy is a P2P e-commerce site which provides a platform for handmade crafts, vintage items and unique factory made products to be sold in a fashion similar to a craft fair. The site which was established in 2005 and has already recorded revenue of US$195.6 million in the year 2014. Etsy gains from its fees and market payments collected from its sellers.

As for buyers, Etsy is the place where you can get unique products and a direct contact with artistic sellers.

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2.  Ziffit. Com

If you are a rhetoric collection of all digital content, Ziffit is the ultimate answer to all your needs. Ziffit is like the modern day media store where you can instantly sell your books, CDs, DVDs and games without ever stepping a foot outside your house.

Well, that is the advantage of all e-commerce sites and Ziffit provides it for you with a free service. All you have to do is sign up with the site, list your items using barcode or ISBN number, get your price generated instantly and complete the trade with a customer. Ziffit will take care of all the hand work by providing you with a free courier service and get you paid via bank, PayPal or cheque.

The Ziffit site claims that it has sold over 1 million media and has got some great fandom for its great idea and service.

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3. is good to try too, and for sure you won’t repent using it. is about 6 years old and has got around 2 million users selling and buying things using picture feeds and social sharing. You can sell anything and buy anything posted on fancy directly from the site. has most of its loyal user base coming from the US and is also popular in countries like India, France and China. With fancy anyone can become a seller whenever they find something interesting to share. Fancy follows the more of the style of social networking sites than e-commerce site.

You can follow others, upload images of your items and give a short description and get rewarded with titles like editor or art director when you are able to gather a huge following. Well that creates some fun along with business.

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Are you the one who bargains for every cent and nickel at stores and ends up frustrated that the discounts are too low than they claim to be? Welcome to overstock, the wholesale version of e-commerce sites where you can get the entire surplus and returned merchandise of online market at below wholesale prices.

Overstock specializes in providing buyers with discounted items at prices they will never be able to get at other sites and sellers an opportunity to sell way their surplus without hurting their revenue. Overstock is filled with deals, so don’t forget to check it out when you are short on money.

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