I believe Etsy.com needs no introduction. It’s everyone’s online heaven. It’s a little place where people from all around the world connect to make, sell and purchase unique goods. Some design jewelry, others sell vintage pieces and share their DIY tips. This place screams with unique and quality products every budget fashionista like me could ever want. Anything from greeting cards to pretty paintings to vintage items, Etsy has you covered. Ah, I just can’t get over the beauty and peacefulness this website gives me.

As a massive Etsy buyer, I’ve compiled a quick list of 5 reasons why I luuuv Etsy.com

1. Independent designers

This is the first reason why I’m in love with Etsy. Let’s face it: we’re living in an era where everything is under an influence by a few companies, while the media dictates the current trends. Independent designers seem to be the only category that remains “sober” in today’s community. They manage to find the perfect balance between the weird and the beautiful. Some of the world’s best talent can be found right here on Etsy. So, why not support these awesome, undiscovered talented people? Whenever I’m buying something, I have this feel-good vibe that I’m making some college kid’s day. Really, supporting independent designers is something we should all focus on.

2. Everything is unique

Etsy has tons of unique and awesome stuff! Whenever I’m looking for something I can’t find anywhere else, I know which site to visit. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for something unique when buying gifts for people I love. I have a friend who is a Dexter addict. Her birthday is in a week, and the keyword Dexter on Etsy spits back more than 1,000 results: shirts, posters, jewelry, sneakers… You name it, Etsy has it covered. It doesn’t matter what you’re into – there is an artist on Etsy who already made what you need. The best part? You’re getting one-of-a-kind item!

Love etsy.com
Unique gifts for her

3. everything is affordable

Who said that buying unique items will break the bank? The hard-to-find feature here is perfectly combined with the fact that everything is inexpensive and affordable. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at a great price! I believe I speak in the name of every Etsy buyer when I say there has never been an item I have looked for that I couldn’t afford. When I started exploring Etsy a few years ago, I was shocked to discover that all those one-of-a-kind items are affordable. Seriously, it’s the best online shopping place where everything is at an amazing price.

4. Etsy Blog

My first bookmark in my browser is the Etsy blog. It’s the perfect place to know more about your favorite sellers, interact with them, admire their items, read DIY articles, and be inspired to try your DIY skills. Now, I’m not a good handyman. The only thing I’m proficient with is, well, typing. But the Etsy blog taught me how to craft with paper, which is really something big for a person like me. Warning: I’ve wasted hours and hours reading the blog, so you will definitely get stuck there.

5. Customizable everything

I don’t want to sound cliché, but Etsy.com is a wonderful community. It has so many talented and beautiful people from around the world. I always manage to find the most amazing and coolest shops and I’m always excited when I find a new shop to buy from. Etsy sellers are always happy to work with buyers and go the extra mile to create something unique and extra-special for them. The custom-order feature is my favorite feature on Etsy because I can contact any seller I want and ask them to make something new for me.

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