Diamonds are precious and no one would want to get something tampered in place of their precious or get fooled into buying anything less.
That is why people have a little hesitation when they have to buy diamonds online. They are concerned about the security of the purchase and are constantly worried.
But buying diamond jewelry online is just as safe as the one you buy from conventional retail stores if you follow the safety tips and purchase from the right retailers.
Here are some safety tips that will help you buy your precious stone online:

Diamond Jewelry Online
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Check if the diamond is in stock

This is a very basic and important action every buyer must take. If the retailer has the diamond in his inventory, you can get faster delivery and be assured that you are paying directly to the retailer and not to any middle men. It also means that you can get detailed information on the diamond before the purchase. Remember not to pay in full before you have verified that the diamond is in stock.

Talk to the retailer

Having a good communication is necessary for being clear on the terms and conditions. Just because you are buying online and are unable to have a face-to face communication does not mean that you have no means of communication at all. Lack of communication is the major problem faced by online diamond retailing. Communicate all details regarding the deadlines, requirements and every single detail.

Use credit cards

Credit cards offer protection to your payment and you can also avail refunds from the credit card provider if any problems arise. Do check the interest rates and see if there are any charges made by the retailer for using credit card payments.

Ask for certifications

Always be keen on buying only the authentic diamonds that come with GIA or AGS certificate. These certificates give information on the quality, grade, and other properties of the diamond.

Research the retailer

You should determine the credibility of the retailer through research. Find out about the financial and background information through special agencies or information forums that give the financial details of a particular retailer. Know that you are buying from a credible person and then make the purchase.

Verify the insurance policy

Diamonds may come with insurance policies and you can check with the retailer whether they have any related policy for the diamonds purchased from them.

Diamond Jewelry Online
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Get details on shipping

Communicate with the retailer and get to know how the diamonds will be shipped and the relevant charges are included in the payment. Get all details on the shipping costs either in writing or obtain the information from the retailer’s website.

Check the return policies

The retailer should have return policies in case you find the item delivered to be of poor quality or mismatched with your order. You should be clear on the terms dictated by these policies and look for any loops that may cause trouble later. You should also get the return costs in either writing or from the respective website.

Try to learn more about your diamond

Shopping jewelry is best when you can have the feel for it. But as you cannot get the exact feel of touching and feeling the diamond, you can look for extra details about the diamond. The retailer should be able to provide this information regarding every diamond they intend to sell. You can also look for the photos, video or an ASET image of the diamond on the website or get it from the retailer. Online retailers will be able to provide you these and make sure you do inquire before you buy.

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