5 Great Cashback sites

The concept of cashback sites,is something I’ve discovered only a few months ago. At first I was kind of  skeptic about it. I’ve signed up for eBates, made one purchase and completely forgot about it. A few weeks later, I was surprised to receive an e-mail, announcing that “your big fat check is waiting”. Still skeptical, I rushed to PayPal and there it was – my first cashback money!

Obviously, the first thing I did after that was to look for more cashback sites, and signing up for all of them 🙂 . At this point I’d like to say, that If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check out this post first – everything you need to know about cashback sites.

After a while, I’ve came to like some sites better than others, and ended up with 5 cashback sites that I use regularly.  So, without further ado, here are my top 5 cashback sites of all times. Hopefully, they will help you to save a few bucks, as they did for me.

1. eBates

Noteworthy stores: Asos, American Eagle, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Vitacost, Victoria’s secret, Forever21, shoebuy, Amazon (Some departments)
Joining Bonus: $5
Refer-a-friend bonus: $5
Minimum amount to withdraw cash: $5.01
Payment date: every 3 months
Money transfer: automatically

2. Extrabux

Noteworthy stores: eBay, Sephora, Carter’s, Aliexpress, Diapers, iHerb (new accounts only), Estee Lauder
Joining Bonus: $5
Refer a friend bonus: $5 and 5% on the cashback your friends earn
Minimum amount to withdraw cash: $10
Payment date: within 5 days after you place your withdrawal request
Money transfer: by demand

3. Befrugal

Noteworthy stores: Bath & Body Works, Macy’s, Walmart, Orbitz, Straweberrynet, Aliexpress, Old Navy, Sears
Joining Bonus: $5
Refer a friend bonus: $5
Minimum amount to withdraw earned cash: $25
Payment date: about a month after you place your withdrawal request 
Money transfer: by demand

4. Mr. Rebates

Noteworthy stores: Banana Republic, Beauty Bridge, Vitacost, Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, Nautica
Joining Bonus: $5 
Refer a friend bonus: 20% of your friend’s cashback 
Minimum amount to withdraw cash: $10
Payment date: once a month
Money transfer: by demand

5. Pouring Pounds

Noteworthy stores: Feelunique, eCheimst, asos (UK), Chemist Direct, Hotels.com, Apple Store
Joining Bonus: £5
Refer a friend bonus: 10% on your friend’s cashback
Minimum amount to withdraw cash: £30
Payment date: once you’ve reached the minimum amount
Money transfer: by demand

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