If you love Chinese shopping websites, you probably already run across the name ShiIn.com. If you have not encountered SheIn yet, then it’s about time to familiarize yourself with this great store.
SheIn (formely SheInside.com) is one of the biggest online fashion stores from china that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. As the name suggests, SheIn is a women’s fashion store, that offers clothes, accessories and jewelry.
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about SheIn, so I’ve decided to share my experience and thoughts about this site. Here is my SheIn review:

Value for money 

The good news: SheIn is undoubtedly worthy of your money. It has a wide range of fashion clothing and cult classic designs that you can’t find in any other online or offline store at a lower price than that is quoted by SheIn.
SheIn is generous enough to give you a 30% discount on your first purchase and that is extremely generous when it comes to online shopping. The site is filled with discounts, offers and coupon codes that make you
happy by slashing down your prices. SheIn provides free shipping on a purchase of 30$ and above, which is pretty great offer that allows you to spend a little extra.

Shipping time 

Like most online stores from Chine, shipping time can take forever – up to 3 months (!). There’s also one thing that can make you frustrated with SheIn, which is the amount of processing time it takes to process the order. This extra time is not included in the shipping time. While the processing time can take up to 5-7 days, the shipping is made available in three methods, namely standard, expedited and express in increasing levels of speed and shipping fee in the given order. The products usually reach on time, but the real time unless hindered by an unusually lengthy order processing.


From my own experience, SheIn’s products have good quality or at least an acceptable quality. Considering the price involved, SheIn offers reasonable quality that is hard to find in other stores offering the pieces in the same price range. Some exclusive dresses like bridal dresses have excellent quality in their fabric and design that is much better than regular fashion stores. The pieces may not have the same fabric quality as that of high end brands, but have excellent colors and cuts.

You may have to double check your size requirements as most of the customer complaints are ill-fitting sizes. This is probably because SheIn uses an Asian style of size measurement and you will have to select your sizes accordingly.

Return policy

In my opinion, the return policy is one aspect where SheIn loses its customers. You are allowed to return the product within 30 days of delivery and the item will have to be unused and undamaged and packed into the original package. You will have to take care of the re-shipping charges and your payment amount will be refunded to your account when SheIn gets the product back. This could become a lengthy process and you waiting anxiously for your refund money to get back to your accounts. Another drawback is that you are not allowed to return items like lingerie, jewelry, tights, swimwear and accessories.

Customer service

SheIn has a commendable customer service that is made available to customers 24 hours a day via live chats. But you may expect some delay in answers for your tickets during the busiest seasons as such a delay is natural when the store wants to deal with your problems in a personalized manner. The site provides online help for both pre-sales service and after sales service and the response from the customer service team in your queries is very satisfying.

User friendly 

The site has a good reputation and is adored by many of its customers. The ordering process is simple and fast, especially if you were using PayPal to make the payment. Their extensive product range is made easily searchable and you will have no difficulties to navigating around the site. It has an excellent blog written by fellow customers, and fashionistas that you can consult for making better purchase decisions.

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